A Symphony Overview for Business

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Symphony Procurement Suite significantly improves efficiency and transparency for proposal creation and evaluation. Symphony is designed to streamline the Solicitation process through intuitive, easy-to-use features.

Access Symphony

Register or sign in at the right website for the contract vehicle and use your preferred Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) method to access the features of Symphony.


After signing in, you will encounter a user-specific Dashboard and can access the My Company link (See Figure 1). 

Symphony is for both solicitations and contract management.

Use the my Company link to get started

Figure 1. Symphony Dashboard with My Company and Solicitations tabs

The Solicitations tab will include the solicitation details, Q&A deadline, and the Solicitation Deadline when available. 

  • During the Ask Questions period, you can ask questions, view responses, and go to the SAM.gov link when enabled(See How to Ask Questions and View Responses).
  • When the Solicitation is open to submissions, you can start, continue, or view your submitted proposal with data from the My Company link.

Building an Asset Library

On the My Company screen, on the left side of the page, there is a navigation menu with several tabs where you build your company asset library when available (See Figure 2).

The Company Overview displays a summary of your assets; such as Team Members, MRCLs, Projects/Past Performance, and Business Factors. (See Managing Your Content).

Figure 2. My Company page with left navigation menu tabs highlighted.

Your company asset library is reusable across all of your proposal submissions. 

  • Once assets are added to the asset library, the data is available for a company’s proposals. 
  • If a company offers multiple proposals, that information is added to each one. 
  • Once started, a proposal submission cannot be reset. 
  • After submission, the solicitation card displays the time, date, and an option to view other details. Also, the assets are frozen then. (See Symphony for Proposal Intake).

Contract Management

My Company is where you manage your Contracts, award documents, Points of Contact, and notification settings for each contract you have in Symphony (See Figure 3). (See Using Symphony as a Contract Holder).

Figure 3. Contract Management Activities

As a Contract Holder, you will have a personalized view of your Symphony dashboard upon signing in (See Figure 4). You can use Symphony to monitor the following activities. 

  • Released orders and solicitations 
  • Deadlines for questions and proposals 
  • Amendments 
  • Awards 

Orders Tab for contract holders in Symphony

Figure 4. The Order interface with filtered content categories highlighted.


  • Orders are available from a dynamic table that you can arrange by selecting a column header. You can also filter on a search term, status, or type of order. 
  • The order types are Task Order (TO) and Request for Information (RFI). 
  • Click the tracking number to see more details about a specific order. (See Contract Performance in Symphony).

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