Why My Company Matters

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This overview explains how to work in the My Company section within Symphony. 


My Company is your company asset library. It is used for Solicitations and Contract Management.

  • My Company is where you compile your company asset library before building your submission. 
  • Your company asset library is reusable across all of your proposal submissions.
  • The Company Overview summarizes your assets; such as Team Members, MRCLs, Projects/Past Performance, and Business Factors. 

1. The Company Overview

The first screen is your Company Overview. Please ensure your company name and SAM.gov Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) are for the company that will be prime for your proposal(s) or contract(s) (See Figure 1). 

Figure 1. The Company Overview in My Company

2. SAM Data

SAM data is pulled directly from your SAM.gov record. 

  • SAM Data is for display use only. 
  • Incorrect data must be updated at SAM. It is your official record. 
  • A request to refresh the SAM data may require a contract modification and a ticket to the helpdesk outlining the changes (See Figure 2). (See Understanding the SAM Connection).


Figure 2.  SAM Data in My Company is retrieved at first registration.

3. Team Members

For solicitations, your company is the first team member in your asset library (See Figure 3). If your company has additional team members, use the Team Members tab to add them to your asset library (See Adding Team Members/CTAs).

Figure 3. The New Team Members option in My Company 

Symphony Team Members refers to Contractor Teaming Arrangements (CTAs). 

  • Team Members can be Joint Venture members, subcontractors, SBA Approved Mentor-Protégé Joint Venture Members, and more. 
  • Team Members are not company users (See Managing Your Business Users).


4. MRCLs

For solicitations, MRCLs are available for Meaningful Relationship Commitment Letters. If your company has MRCLs, use the MRCLs tab to add them to your asset library (See Figure 4). (See Leveraging MRCLs).

Figure 4. The New MRCL option in My Company 

5. Projects and Past Performance

Projects & Past Performance are defined by their title, contract number, and Prime Contractor for solicitations (See Figure 5). 


Figure 5. The New Project option in My Company

Once you add your project details to My Company, you can add pool-specific factors related to your projects/past performance in your proposal (See Documenting Projects/Past Performance).


6. Business Factors

For solicitations, Business Factors include systems, certifications, clearances, and other documents relevant to your company's asset library (See Figure 6). 

Figure 6. Business Factors for Claiming in My Company 

  • The Business Factors for your company or MRCLs appear claimed or unclaimed in the overview (See Claiming Business Factors). 
  • Any business factors that belong to a Team Member will not be displayed on your company overview. They belong to the Team Members. 


7. Contracts 

Contract management activities occur in this section when a contract is awarded for a Contract vehicle in Symphony (See Figure 7). (See Using Symphony as a Contract Holder).

Figure 7. The Contracts section for the Contract Vehicle's Awards and Management.

8. Documents

All files you upload to My Company can be viewed in their corresponding folders in the Documents library. 

  • You can use your documents in multiple proposals and across solicitations. 
  • Solicitation-specific documents become duplicates that cause more work for you and the evaluators.  
  • You cannot add or remove documents from this view-only screen. 

Figure 8. The Read-only Document Library in My Company

  • Symphony is designed for you to complete Your Company Assets before starting a proposal (See Using Symphony for Proposal Intake). 
  • Any changes will be reflected in all proposals unless the proposal has already been submitted. 
  • Once a Solicitation deadline is met, all assets in the submitted proposal are frozen. 

Watch this video for a brief overview.


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