How Cost/Price Works

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Please follow these instructions to successfully work with the Cost/Price feature in Symphony.

Step 1. Start in My Company

Step 2. Provide the Cost/Price Requirements

Step 3. Check for validation

1. Start in My Company

Please Start in My Company and then use the Cost/Price button from the left navigation menu. It is below Business Factors. 

Cost/Price Instructions and location in My Company

2. Provide the Cost/Price Requirements

Upload the completed pricing spreadsheet as provided by the corresponding Solicitation and ensure that you upload a Basis of Estimate to support the Cost/Price methodology. Symphony is looking for an Excel template and a PDF document. Certify your claim and save your changes. 

Cost/Price Document Upload to Save and ClaimOnly one cost/price submission may be submitted for a solicitation and it must be from the offeror. There is no option to add it at the Team Member level.  

  • You can view, edit, or delete documents as needed by following the same process as Business Factors. Please reference How to Edit Business Factors for the Prime for information on unlocking a claim for changes.
  • Symphony will provide any validation errors in your submission for the corresponding Solicitation. 

3. Check for validation

When the solicitation(s) are open to proposals on the Dashboard, you can "Start your Submission" or "Continue your Submission" to complete your proposal in multiple sittings or review it before submission. 

  1. Go to the Live Score or use the Review Tab to see if your assembled proposal is ready for submission
  2. Pay attention to messages that state that certain requirements are not complete.
  • If Symphony is unable to load the Pricing File, please make sure that the file is not password-protected. 
  • If the number of files is incorrect, please make sure that only one Excel spreadsheet is uploaded. Only one Spreadsheet may be provided. Please reference How to Edit Business Factors for the Prime for information on unlocking a claim for changes.
  • If the Basis Of Estimate is missing, please upload information on Indirect Rates as required by the solicitation.
  • If the number of rows or columns is incorrect, please make sure that the most recent template is being used. Do not remove columns or rows.
  • If the number of sheets is incorrect, please verify that the file you upload includes only the sheets in the template without any additions or subtractions. If you are using a spreadsheet application besides Excel and then exporting to .xlsx format, it will sometimes add a summary sheet. In this case, please check the export settings to make sure the summary sheet is not selected. 
  • If the data cannot be validated for some other reason, please make sure that you didn't copy/paste any formatting changes in the template and that it is complete in accordance with the solicitation. Note that error messages are advisories and will not prevent you from submitting.

Additional Information

There are currently no restricted viewing roles in Symphony once a user has an active status. However, a Symphony administrator can temporarily remove account access for users who no longer need it by changing their status from Active to Initial. This will put them back in a pending approval state without removing their account. Uploading sensitive information could be the last thing to complete before submission so no other users can access the system. 

The files that are used in your submission(s) must remain until after submission and the solicitation deadline. Do not delete anything you need to submit until after the solicitation deadline. Once the Solicitation deadline occurs, all assets are frozen so that changes can later be made in My Company without affecting the submission per How to submit a proposal. Symphony is unavailable when a solicitation deadline occurs so your assets are saved. 

If you still need help, contact us.

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