Please follow these instructions to successfully use a browser extension for Multi-factor Authentication in Symphony during Registration.

Step 1. Search for an Authenticator

Step 2. Install the Application

Step 3. Set up Your Multi-Factor Authentication

Step 4. Confirm Your Multi-Factor Authentication

1. Search for an Authenticator

You can use any time-based authenticator application. The tools we recommend are the Google Authenticator Extension for your Chrome browser; or 2FA for Edge. 

2. Install the Application

Search for the desired tool and follow the links to install the application.

3. Set up Your Multi-Factor Authentication

During registration in Symphony, open the authenticator application and follow the prompts to scan a QR code or enter a setup key. The system will create unique one-time passcodes (OTP) for you when you sign in with your MFA tool.

  1. Select the QR code extension from your browser 
  2. Use the Scan option
  3. Drag the frame over the QR code in your browser 
  4. View a success message when you have captured the QR code 

 Multi-Factor Authentication setup

If you want to manually enter the secret setup key, you can select the plus icon in Google Authenticator to add an account during registration. 

  1. Enter the secret key that appears above the QR code. 
  2. The required account name or issuer details can be anything that reminds you of your access to Symphony. Usually, this is the site name or email address used to register.

4. Confirm Your Multi-Factor Authentication

When your MFA setup is done, you will enter the six-digit code in the field provided. COPY the one-time passcode generated and PASTE the code in Symphony. Authenticate to sign in successfully.

If you have multiple Symphony accounts, be sure to rename the codes to reflect the contract vehicle for the One-Time Passcode (OTP). You must have a unique code for each Symphony website you access. 


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